Here Comes the Sun

Well we had the annual Spring Forward time change and the Spring Equinox this week and a full moon is coming.  The days are longer and the temperatures are warmer and all this sunlight has made the trees sprout their leaves.  All the birds are pairing up and so it begins the cycle of rebirth.

Allergies aside, Spring fever is definitely on the rise and this gave me an excuse to learn more about Ostara, is it a day, or a Goddess?  Ostara is celebrated as the Spring Equinox, but is also the name given to the White Goddess of the Dawn.  She is scant mentioned in the scholarly writing’s of Bede, the Christian Monk, aka, Saint Bede right around the 5th Century.  My Anglo-Saxon ancestors would have held festivals in her honor during Eostremonath,since they, like my Celtic ancestors, would have celebrated the Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats.

I like to think of Ostara like this…….

Image created by Helena Nelson-Reed

She embodies earthly renewal and rebirth of nature and is associated with the eggs and the hare. The hare is associated with the moon and the egg motif is found in the creation myths of many cultures and civilizations around the world.  The rebirth myth was adopted by the Christians as Jesus being reborn. The motif of a dying deity appears in the creation mythologies of many ancient cultures all through antiquity.

In this excerpt taken from D.M. Murdock’s, “Easter: The Resurrection of Spring”,
The springtime/Easter resurrection myth occurred in Greek mythology with the tale of Kore/Persephone descending into the underworld to reside with Hades, leading to the death of winter. Her re-emergence out of the underworld represented the springtime renewal of life on Earth – thus, Persephone’s resurrection symbolized eternal life, precisely as did that of Jesus and the Egyptian god Osiris.

Comprising the entombment for three days, the descent into the underworld, and the resurrection, the spring celebration of “Easter” represents the period of the vernal equinox, when the sun is “hung on a cross” composed of the days and nights of equal length. After a touch-and-go battle for supremacy with the night or darkness, the sun emerges triumphant, being “born again” or “resurrected” as a “man,” moving towards “his” full strength at the summer solstice…”

I believe that Spring is a time to align with the energy of the season and honour the rhythm of the Earth. It could be a time to reflect and do some mental Spring cleaning and maybe facilitate some growth and evolution into your life as a form of renewal.


It is a time to celebrate and thank God that the Sun will come out tomorrow!